How is literary nonfiction unique from other types of nonfiction?

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Nonfiction – literary work that is based in fact – covers more than one genre. Or sub-genre. With so many potential topics to cover, and so many kind of feasible ways to method nonfiction creating, it’s essential to understand also the differences in between these sub-genres. This means you can better straight your work-related and flesh out its ultimate potential.

Here are the 6 forms of nonfiction writing, and also some of the the majority of famed examples of each sub-genre:


Memoir writingA historical account that is composed based on personal expertise or one-of-a-kind resources is a memoir. 

Memoirs aren’t important told in chronological order, enabling much room for artistic retelling. Some famed examples of a memoirs encompass Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. (I recently check out and also loved Under an Afghan Sky, composed by my previous colleague Melissa Fung.) Although The Diary of a Young Girl is more of a diary than a typical memoir, it have the right to also be loosely taken into consideration a memoir for Anne Frank’s specific retelling of the German intrusion. A few of Ingenium Books’ soon-to-be-famed (nudge nudge wink wink) memoirs encompass Cynthia Barlow‘s Four Fridays via Christina, C.A. Gibbs‘ The Picture Wall surface, and also Yvonne Caputo‘s Flying With Dad. 

The sub-genres memoir and biography/autobiography frequently acquire confused as being one and also the exact same. The major differences between them are the scope and also focus of the book. Memoirs are often around a single important experience: a break-it-or-make-it business deal, a detrimental career choice, a life-changing suffer. The length of the book doesn’t have anything to perform via the memoir vs autobiography debate.


AutobiographyLike a memoir, the writer of an autobiography is also the subject of it. However, rather of zooming in on a crucial occasion in a person’s personal or public life, an autobiography is the finish reinforming of a person’s life.

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Autobiographies begin from a person’s childhood proceeding as much as the writer’s existing. Autobiographies are considered one of the a lot of intimate sub-genres of nonfiction. Influential civilization often write autobiographies as a means of sharing their story through the people and also motivating others. Businessmen, artists, political leaders, and also influencers lay bare their secrets and also reveal previously unwell-known truths about their experiences and their life.

High profile examples of autobiographies encompass Malala Yousafzai’s I am Malala, Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, and also Tina Fey’s Bossypants.


A biography is a lot like an autobiography, only the actual story doesn’t concern the writer. Biography authors are not related to the topic. Often, a well known person’s story encourages them to repaint a popular personality to bring him or her closer to the readers.

Tright here deserve to be even more than one biography on a solitary perboy. For Barack Obama alone, there are around ten biographies obtainable, each concentrating on a various aspect of his life. The many well-known ones incorporate David Garrow’s Rising Star and David Maraniss’ Barack Obama: The Story.

Biographies still market plenty of methods for creative thinking. Biographers have to watch out for style and also direction. These two points can separate their job-related from various other existing biographies, and can tell someone’s story from a brand also brand-new perspective.


Expository nonfictionExpository nonfiction reveals the fact or brings light to necessary worries.

For instance, Jenny Nordberg’s The Underground Girls of Kabul details her experience as a journalist through Afghan girls and the phenomenon of bacha posh. Similar to various other expository books, she reveals her subject’s daily program and brings to light an unwell-known trouble in present day Afghanistan.

Expository regularly poses a difficulty for inskilled authors. As a type of journalistic nonfiction, it requires a deep knowledge via the topic. Writers that come in call via controversial topics have to technique their composing with sensitivity and also understanding. If you’re not conscientious via your story, you run the threat of looking insensitive, naive, or both.

Prescriptive Nonfiction (Self-help)

Get in any book save and you’ll check out that self-help or self-advancement publications are always among the best-offering books. It’s bereason they’re the most relatable and also actionable publications out of all the nonfiction sub-genres.

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Everyone encounters difficulties. Not everyone can hire a private life or service coach or make substantial transforms on their own. Self-aid publications permit civilization to boost what they’re lacking. It doesn’t have to be something as big as battling drug addiction or obtaining over PTSD. The the majority of well-known self-assist books are around finding catalyst and boosting abilities, generally those that have actually something to execute with interpersonal skills. Company, management, and also management books frequently fit right into this category: inspect out Gwyn Teatro‘s In the Thick of It, and also Lisa King‘s Just Do You.

Famous self-help books encompass Spencer John’s Who Moved My Cheese and also Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (the paper ago variation has sold more than 15 million copies – we have the right to aim for that, right? :-)). Not-so-well known incorporate our very own Rock Your Company. Inspiring civilization and helping them adjust their stays for the much better are the primary objectives behind prescriptive nonfiction.

Narrative Nonfiction

Narrative nonfictionConsidering just how many kind of sub-genres deserve to fall under narrative nonfiction, this practically feels favor a genre of its own. You’ve acquired imaginative nonfiction, long-develop journalism, and literary nonfiction all falling under narrative nonfiction. If it’s a well-crafted, compelling true story, it’s narrative nonfiction writing. Due to the fact that of the wide selection of works that loss under imaginative nonfiction, as a writer you’ll have fewer rules to follow.

Anything from crime thrillers to esstates and interviews can fall under narrative nonfiction. What distinguishes narrative nonfiction from the various other sub-genres is its playfulness through language. While various other sub-genres are deserve to likewise be composed in the very same manner, narrative nonfiction is premised on the imagination of a narrative, so much so that it doesn’t even feel favor nonfiction.

Which Style of Nonfiction Writing is for Me?

Embarking on a nonfiction book writing journey requires the majority of research and also difficult job-related, specifically bereason you’re in the business of journalism and imaginative composing.

To understand also what sub-genre will suit you best, number out what stories you respond well to. Does informing other people’s stories interemainder you? Or, maybe you would certainly fairly tell your own? Do you desire to reveal an unwell-known cultural phenomenon, or inspire the world? Knowing what you’re passionate around helps you find product that you can easily transform right into a full-size and also also potentially best-selling novel.

Ingenium Books is a hybrid publisher of nonfiction. With us, it’s all around you: your book, your purposes, your journey. Check out our #mswl (manuscript wish list). When you’re prepared to submit your manuscript, go right here. Reach out and also attach through us now.