How do you say do you work in spanish

So I"m trying to analyze sentences like (I"ll write the English sentence and also then what I think would be a great translation):

The computer system does not job-related. El computador no funciona.


My automobile does have actually an air conditioner but it"s damaged. Mi auto sí tiene aire acondicionaperform, pero está malo.

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I"m not sure if they are correct, but are tbelow other means to say these?

Note: Don"t change/modify "malo" for "roto". I"m a indigenous speaker and also I understand it"s correct, besides the objective of the question was to find more means to say it. But many thanks for including accent marks.



Your initially sentence is fine, funcionar is the verb used to expect to work(= operates/features properly).

In the second one, while the feeling is largely conveyed, using malo can simply be taken to expect that it"s not the best, rather than that it"s damaged. Tright here are a number of different verbs offered whose participle you have the right to use that job-related well. These incorporate estropear, averiar, descomponer, romper, amongst others. To use these in the sentence you had actually you would certainly say

Mi auto sí tiene aire acondicionacarry out, pero está < estropeado | averiado | descompuesto | roto >.


They are correct, indeed. Some other ways include:

La pantalla de mi computadora esta rota.

My computer system screen is cracked.

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Te prestaría mi teléfono, pero se ha quebracarry out cuando se cayó al piso.

I"d let you borrow my phone, but it has damaged as soon as it fell on the floor.

Mi auto tiene aire acondicionaexecute, pero no enciende.

My auto has air conditioner, but it"s not turning on.



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