Have you ever thought about a world where everything is exactly the same


Trying to remain awake was as fighting a losing battle. As Sans felt lugged through the Underground, the weather thrived steadily cooler and also damper, though the plates of armor alongside him radiated his bones with a blistering, residual warmth. Somepoint about warmth coupled via cool breezes invited him to shardwood, even even more than his weakness already did.

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As he battached in and also out of consciousness, he caught glimpses of blue light, waterdrops, lengthy ribbons of red fins like hair. Undyne, huh? Well, that was amazing. Guess she really did care about him, after all, or perhaps she was simply thinking about …

His soul jumped paintotally enough to have separation. His hand shot out and grappled urgently, but weakly, onto the lip of her breastplate. He regulated to fulfill her eye simply briefly prior to his fingers began to slip.

“don’ tell pap …”

He could only hope she heard his whisper before darkness scarfed him dvery own favor a hungry dragon. A sinking sensation wiped clean his perception of reality, as if he had dropped right into an endlessly deep pool of water and also sought the bottom. His consciousness increased away from him as a sheet of diamond bubbles. No … no, he couldn’t let himself sleep, not if he could help it. He necessary the unproviding ground at his feet. He needed to recognize it was real. He clung to the air pockets, and they pulled him better aobtain. When he opened his eyes he discovered himself in a dimly lit room, wrapped in a wad of blankets. Snow fell outside his home window …

He jolted awake and also easily wiburned he hadn’t. His spine snapped audibly as he moved, and his joints ached under a cumulative weight favor the whole Underground. When he tried to lift his skull, gravity attracted it earlier to the pillow with the strongest of all blue magic.

He dragged his empty eyes across the walls looking for ideas. It reassured him to discover that, no, he wasn’t actually in Snowdin. Rather, he lay level on a queen size bed, shoes and jacket off, draped in a heat, microfiber blanket.

At the farthest edge of the room, a cylindrical, ceiling-high aquascape tank recorded his eyes first. Nopoint however plants, algae, tiny snails. Its bioluminescent water spilled cyan light over a modest collection of shonen anime posters and also an impeccable taste in decor. Camisoles, boots, and a pair of sweatpants were scattered across the fish scale pattern tiles, hardly a mess at all once compared to his trash dungeon of a room.

Paper drafts for a handcomposed letter littered the desk at his bedside. Many had been crumpled and also thrvery own in a recycling bin beneath, but a stormy copy still lay out in the open up. Dear Alphys … He looked amethod to the collection of bottles and also jars clinging close to the edge, among which clearly included a metal polish. The supply ran low, all applied to that heavy suit of armor hanging on its stand also in the edge.

When he finally mustered the strength to sit, his side didn’t protest as a lot as expected. He touched his ribs cautiously with the tear in his t-shirt, then picked ago the cloth for a far better look. He’d never before been so well bandaged in his life. A lingering glimmer about the wrappings told him Undyne had used the excellent stuff, the sort that heals as it protects. By the quiet piano music trailing over to him from under the door, he supposed she was still right here if he wanted to give thanks to her …

He conveniently reevaluated that thought. Undyne’s excellent Samaritan nature can have actually only used to him while incapacitated. If his magic reserves hadn’t trickled so low, he would certainly have actually offered her the slip via the wall surfaces. He ran his phalanges coarsely throughout his skull. Perhaps it was just also to confront the music currently.

In the next room, Undyne’s fingers danced along the ivory white tricks of her baby grand also through incredible precision. There was a time Sans had thought soft serenity impossible from her hands prior to coming to understand also the sea monster via Alphys’ softer eyes. He lingered in the doormethod at initially, simply listening, enabling the gentle pad of tricks to fairly literally smooth over the rougher edges of his spirit. He can have actually fallen asleep ideal there if the believed didn’t frighten him.

He shuffled silently throughout the room to watch at her ago. After a minute much longer of going unnoticed, a grin choose a Cheshire cat’s spread across his confront. He’d offered her a fair opportunity. He leaned forward and, at a lull in her original song, started pounding chopsticks an octave better.

Undyne’s hands crashed into the keys via an ugly, disjointed chord. The piano bench dropped clean over. She snapped around to confront him, spear in hand, flat on her feet.

Sans preserved cool to the end of the pre-chorus before making eye call.


“The hell are you doing?” she snarled. “GO BACK TO SLEEP, RIGHT NOW.”

“o cap’n, my cap’n,” he laughed, and planted a hand over the blue heart on his t-shirt. “a week back, woulda been music to my ears.”

Her sharp, glaring eye followed him like a hawk as he lifted the piano bench earlier onto its legs.

“guessin’ i damaged no pillow records.”

“Less than an hour, so go back to bed.”

“nah.” He sat down, dropped an elbow through discord onto the highest collection of secrets. He propped his head against his knuckles and also grinned.

They stared each other down in a hard-dealt with battle of resolve. As stubborn as his superior could be, once Sans collection his heels, it can take either the force of an army or one Papyrus to bowl him over. Undyne have to have actually come to a similar conclusion. Either that or she weighed the pros and also cons of chucking him throughout the room prefer a footround and uncovered the cons unfortunately overwhelming. Her spear vanished in a burst of blue embers and also she sat down next to him instead.

Sans’ dim eyes calmly dropped to watch her webbed fingers resume their song. The movements entranced him, invited his mind to mellow right into a delightful emptiness of thought.

“ya coulda left me,” he sassist.

Her hands slowed to a speak, yet she didn’t look at him.

“i’m a traitor, right?”

“You recognize I couldn’t execute that to Papyrus.”

“heh. yeah, figured.”

She little her lip, clutched the bench beneath her as if bracing for impact. “And,” she shelp, “what he told me this morning. It really … type of shook me.”

A clock on the wall filled their silence via the incremental radvancement of its second hand. Crickets chirped outside the window, via which Waterfall’s soft blue glow failed to fight the kitchen’s synthetic light. Compared to the state of her room, this hardtimber space had actually been retained surprisingly clean: a sterile, orderly front.

“bet ya saw my spirit if you were up under my shirt,” he shelp.

“Uh.” Some shade shed in Undyne’s face. “A little? Guh, skeletons are gross.”

“live as much as the expectation?”

Undyne’s great eye softened, then, though her gaze remained fixated elsewhere. “Sans … you have to be via Papyrus.”

“that negative, huh?”

“I’ve never before seen anypoint choose it. It’s favor I was looking at a dead guy walking.”

He burst out laughing at the double entendre.

“I wasn’t making a joke,” shelp Undyne.


The wording carried back a memory, percolated through a tightly-woven fabric into something totally unrecognizable. Someone had actually made a similar statement not lengthy ago, he thought, however he couldn’t remember that, or where, or as soon as. It burned at the back of his brain, yet he chose to forget it for currently.

“I don’t care exactly how it ended up prefer that,” said Undyne. “I don’t give two fucks what you perform to yourself, yet …”

“many thanks.”

“If … someone else … finished up in the exact same case …”

Undyne’s shoulders had slumped, and her hand also caressed the smooth, ultramarine scales of her bare arm. The bright gold of her open eye stared off via her bedroom wall, on to a cluttered desk and also a pile of half-written letters.

Sans’ eye lights dimmed with understanding.

“I want to recognize what they did,” sassist Undyne gently, “to change your mind.”

Sans slid off the piano seat and also circled the instrument thoughtfully. His memory sifted via images: your hand also in his, your arms at his back, your thumbs battling eye socket waterdrops. Even if remnants of your last exchange embittered its edges, he couldn’t aid smiling.

“they made a future seem worth the wait,” he sassist.


Sans tore with space onto a damp stone floor among tall grass and also muddy riverbanks. He staggered, steapassed away himself via a hand also on his sweat-dampened forehead. Teleporting through such limited magic was most likely a mistake, he assumed, even if simply around the bfinish. Talking to the 2 of you best now, but, dealing with your concern, your pity, would be a much worse punishment than this lightheadedness.

He adhered to the scenic path via Waterloss via no destination, only wandering for tranquility of mind. He found his zen on the long netjob-related of bridges over the deepest, darkest lake in the Underground, a stretch of water a number of miles wide. He meandered across the wood slats, staring past the edge right into an overwhelming void that haunted him in its nothingness. The bridge creaked and bent via age under his feet, infirm and also ancient, standing via magical reinforcement alone. From the way his phone vibrated in his pocket, he wondered if this overpass endured from the very same tempdental instcapability as the one he’d damaged once encountering Undyne.

It had been no question to him that reestablishing repeatedly might deepen the cracks in time’s currently weakened shell. If the damages were excellent enough to touch Waterloss, he worried for anyone in Hotland, the Core, the Capital.

If the rift were spreading, can he even carry out anypoint around it? For decades, he’d slaved ameans in his basement with nopoint to show. The machine was simply unfixable. He was doing not have the parts … and the genius. If things were dire enough, probably he might he ask for aid from …

His heart somersaulted with panic. Alphys. If things were breaking acomponent as he feared, Undyne had actually more factor to worry than she knew. The dinosaur monster faced more danger than anyone, living as close to the resource as she did. Just the thought of losing yet an additional perboy he cared around to that thing …

He pulled out his phone, closed dvery own the tempdental sensor app, and also opened up his message message inbox. He scrolled nervously through a little pile of messeras he’d ignored till then.

Alphys (Tues, 4:55 PM): “go right”Alphys (Tues, 4:58 PM): “r u males ok”Alphys (Tues, 4:59 PM): “pls message back”Alphys (Tues, 5:20 PM): “oh i see you now!”Alphys (Tues, 5:20 PM): “HOW DID U GET TO WATERFALL SO FAST OMG”

Alphys (Today, 1:20 PM): “u ok?”

He sighed with the hollows of his sinus cavity. It was pointmuch less for him to wonder if Undyne had actually told her. In the Underground, Alphys’ eyes bordered on the omniscient. Her camperiods could be watching him right now, for all he kbrand-new. Odds were she had viewed virtually every little thing.

Sans (3:40 PM): “chipper. you?”Alphys (3:40 PM): “very same, i guess.”

Though relieved to get a solution, he kbrand-new they just lied to each various other. Alphys’ self-esteem concerns were no key to him. Even prior to the determination experiments had torn her down to new depths, she had constantly struggled for confidence.

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Alphys (3:42 PM): “u recognize u deserve to talk to me, right?”Sans (3:45 PM): “yeah. very same goes for you, alph.”Alphys (3:45 PM): “thx. we must hang out”

He smiled. His eyes were drawn ahead of him, however, once presented with the form of a child—a silhouette he known instantly as Monster Kid, though something was off. The person that stood at the edge of the bridge overlooked the darkness as stiff as a statue.

“hey, bud,” Sans shelp via a required smile. He pocketed his phone politely. “what’s the hold-up? believed you were headed house.”

“Have you ever before thought about a world wbelow everything is precisely the very same, other than you don’t exist?” sassist the monster son quietly.

“uh …”

“Everything functions perfectly without you.” She dropped her head and also laughed contritely. “The thought terrifies me.“

Sans felt what little color he did have run out of him. That voice was absolutely not appropriate. Something about it grated against his senses prefer sandpaper, as if he shouldn’t be hearing it, as if the very cosmos fought its existence. It ran a cold finger up every rib and also vertebra via a harsh chill he hadn’t felt since … considering that when?

The monster turned to him todisclose empty white eyes and also a empty expression. Her whole body was grey, and not simply because the atmosphere starved for light. She lacked any type of hue whatsoever before, unnaturally so. Sans couldn’t save from wondering if she were also really tright here.

“Oh,” the son murmured. “It’s you.”

“heh … certain is,” he muttered unconveniently, taking a step backward.

“Sans, right?” Goner Kid continued. “He talks around you a lot … as soon as his mind’s there.”

Sans froze, stiff as a board. His eyes widened to full circles, the lights of his pupils lessened to pinpricks.

“that does?” he whispered, never more afraid of a solution in his life.

“The medical professional,” she shelp, smiling via something akin to admiration. “Your brother.”

W i n g d i n g s G a s t e r .


Sans felt as if the bridge had been reduced out from under him. His hands shook. His eyes darkened. Did the atmosphere shed thickness, or had actually he just foracquired to breathe? He got hold of for his chest as a item of his soul tore off and dusted away within the hollow of his tattered ribcage.

When he’d conquer the raw pain coursing with his life essence, he eyed Goner Kid via large sockets, as if to take in eexceptionally inch of her. What was she? Did she say she … didn’t exist? But that would be a paradox. Could she be an additional perkid lost to the rift, then? Foracquired by everyone, simply prefer …

“Oh, however … perform you remember him?” asked the grey monster. “He issues you’ve foracquired, says you don’t talk around him prefer he does you.”

“no, that’s not …” Sans interrupted, close to tears. “hell, i can’t sheight recollectin’ for simply around everyone else.”

Goner Kid smiled just a small.

Sans fumbbrought about resurrect his phone, established to acquire an excellent read on this mysterious grey being if it fucking eliminated him. He desperately closed Alphy’s tiny string of unread messeras and also rebegan his home-made application. The placeholder icon jumped up and dvery own, up and dvery own, up and also down …

“I’ll be sure to tell him,” sassist Goner Kid.

The monochrome monster’s unherbal voice faded as she spoke, and by the time Sans looked up, she was gone.


Sans all but fell down right into a sitting place on the damp wood planks of that creaky old bridge. He wrapped his arms approximately himself loosely, stared as if transaddressed right into the untied laces of his off-brand also Converse high tops. The photo started to swim.

He was alive.

Sans hardly noticed the rivers of tears streaking dvery own his face. If it were true, if that grey specter weren’t simply a figment of his exhausted creativity, was this news much better … or worse? What horrible state was his brvarious other in now?

Sans didn’t understand if he sat there for hrs or minutes. Question after question surchallenged via fewer and also fewer answers. What have to he do? Was tright here anything to do? If only he had actually regulated to shave the right to that grey kid, possibly he’d have actually something to occupational via. Readings of the bordering location just ceded the exact same ambiguous information he uncovered in the hallway leading to the crystallized cheese: all appropriate, yet not all best. Such inconsistencies were tough to diagnose.

The scent of smoke trailed over to him with the lengthy caves of Waterloss. If the home were on fire, your date need to more than. He assumed for sure he had actually wandered farther than to capture wind of it, but he supposed not. He was awtotally tired, after all, and also his legs were brief.

Wiping his challenge via one sleeve, he reminded himself he couldn’t linger on the past favor this, not when someone else relied on him in the current. But … must you count on him? Even though he’d uncovered a little remainder in Undyne’s care, it had actually just been one hour to the twenty or so he’d left unclaimed. The believed of cshedding his eyes filled him through horrible dcheck out, irrational are afraid that if he left the waking human being for a 2nd it would be stripped out from under him, spooled back till all these days had been undone yet aacquire. In his existing state, he was nothing more than a liability to you. He dropped his confront into his hands. What great is a damaged shield?

He climbed to his feet neverthemuch less and complied with the smell of smoke back the method he’d come. In that personal nook of a little cave, he found what he expected: a sad looking fish house engulfed in flames. The fire hissed and also flared around, chewing the building dvery own right into range stones and ashes.

You stood alone simply outside, watching the raging inferno, your mind elsewhere. Sans eased his means to your side. Together, you observed in silence, feeling the warmth breathe prefer a demon right into your deals with.

“yer head still hurtin’?” he murmured.

You nodded.

You intended that to be it till you felt his fingers glide across your scalp through the mess of your dark brvery own hair. His touch dismantled your well, brick by brick, till the water dropped freely over. You hid your tears behind your hands. He shouldn’t be so sort to you, you believed. You didn’t deserve it.

“i intend, it’s not bad thinkin’,” said Sans in a sly attempt to cheer you up, “yet … pretty sure it’ll take even more than a couple of drops to put out this bonfire.”

Though the joke managed to pull a tiny laugh from you, it inevitably didn’t assist much.

After waiting one more minute via no adjust, he ushered you right into his arms and also tucked you under his chin.

You hated yourself for not resisting. You hated that you were the one being consoled, that below he was, victim providing his shoulder to the offender. Yet here you continued to be, permitting yourself in that moment to be nothing more than the human child, not the angel of the underground, not the pacifist savior, not even “Frisk.” You fed your hand via the hole in his coat to his bandaged rib cage, and he didn’t fight you.

“I’m sorry … ”

“chin up, kiddo,” he said gently. “we still acquired a ways to go.”

We. Your heart lightened at the word, and your eyes began to dry. As difficult as you might have tried, you realized, you hadn’t actually thrived in pushing him amethod.

The house was on fire, and also you left it to burn behind you.

You walked together past Blook Family Farm, down through the luminant marsh to the bank alongside the ferry. As you waited for the Riverperkid to present, as they always did, Sans checked his phone for shave the right to information and also messages.

A message from Papyrus asked if whatever went well. Sans answered that “every little thing went, but largely the residence, up in flames,’” to which he didn’t obtain an immediate response. Below that, the notice marker pointed to his conversation with Alphys, which he’d forgained until then. He dragged their message background to the forefront of his messaging application.

Alphys (3:42 PM): “u recognize u have the right to talk to me, right?”Sans (3:45 PM): “yeah. same goes for you, alph.”Alphys (3:45 PM): “thx. we need to hang out”Alphys (3:45 PM): “u recognize, choose before”

Sans’ eyes extinguiburned right into darkness as if the heart had been sucked out of him.

Alphys (3:47 PM): “once dings was here”



Oh my.

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