Have you ever been a member of involved in or in any way associated with any organization

Have you ever before been a member of, affiliated in, or in any type of way connected with, any type of establishments, associations, fund, structure, party, club, culture or similar group in the United States or in any other place in the world?And then 9B asks you to list those groups (name, function and dates).

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That appears really wide. What would or would not count here? Obviously membership in a political organization would certainly, yet presumably a local book club wouldn"t? And sucount miscellaneous internet forums can not count!?! Where"s the line here?


From the means it was explained to me once before: This question has to do via the one instantly listed below it.

So the indevelopment that is being tried to find is any charitable, political, expert organizations. To give some examples Alumni associations, ACM, Rotary Clubs, Knights of Columbus, would qualify.

Other institutions would be Young Pioneers, Komsomol or equivalent...

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Wanted to come back and also include an answer based on my suffer during my intersee. The interviewer basically said that those inquiries are really tright here to give you a possibility to lie to them. A lie on your N-400 could be provided as grounds to strip you of your citizenship at a later day (de-naturalization).

What I took from this is that they probably don"t really treatment what you put on tbelow and more than likely aren"t going to devote time or sources to trying to look any kind of deeper unless you provide them a factor to desire to. For instance, you acquire your citizenship and then go on a crime spree. In enhancement to whatever punishments you get for your crime spree, CIS could crack open up your file aobtain and also look at all the answers you provided and double check.


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