Four students run up the stairs in the time shown. which student has the largest power output?

a. Rank in order, from largest to smallest, the mechanical work-related done by each student.

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b. Rank in order, from largest to smallest, their power outputs eqPa/eq to eqPd/eq.

Data: eqh = 20 m/eq

Student 1: eq80 kg, Delta t = 12s,/eq

Student 2: eq60 kg, Delta t = 10s,/eq

Student 3: eq60 kg, Delta t = 11s,/eq

Student 4: eq50 kg, Delta t = 7s./eq


Power is characterized as the price of doing job-related. Consists of the amount of power invested during a specific duration of time. The power of done by an item deserve to be established by the price in between job-related and also time. On the various other hand, the work done on a things can be determined by the product of the force times the distance the object is disinserted.

$$P=dfracWt\W=F imes d$$

Answer and Explanation:

Part a):

As a very first step, we calculate the job-related done by each student by calculating the complete potential energy gained by each.

Student 1:


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