Explain how poor flexibility can make daily tasks more difficult.


Poor flexibilities result in poorer task completition time period.The major result to thia very ppor versatility is dealing with challenge in the work.If not managed,this defect rises day by day.So it muat be get rid of.Everybody have to be trying to fix all necessary jobs and also if they are poor then additionally they should tru ro fix them"},"id":15166725,"content":"Poor adaptability decreases your body's capacity to keep proper posture, limits appropriate joint motion enhancing the danger for low-ago pain, joint pain, and also injury throughout day-to-day activities.">" data-test="answer-box-list">

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Poor flexibilities cause poorer task completition time duration.The main effect to thia very ppor adaptability is dealing with difficulty in the jobs.If not controlled,this defect increases day by day.So it muat be overcome.Everybody need to be trying to settle all needed tasks and if they are poor then likewise they should tru ro resolve them


Poor flexibility decreases your body"s capability to maintain proper posture, borders appropriate joint motion raising the threat for low-ago pain, joint pain, and injury in the time of daily activities.

If there is no resultant external force acting on a device of particles, then the facility of massthe device....a) is at rest b) is acceleratedc) is at…remainder or in unicreate motion d) is in unicreate activity or accelerated motion​
The straight momentum of a device loved one to its facility of mass is...a) Zeroc) Not constantb) Constantd) Unity​

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The Atwood's Machine is an example of a conservative system witha) Dissipative constraints b) Non-holonomic constraintsc) Holonomic constraintsd) Bila…teral constraints​
The angular speed of a wheel is 88 rad s Calculate the variety of changes made by it in one second​
Construint in a rigid body isa) Holonomic and rheonomicb) Holonomic and scleronomicc) Non- holonomic and scleronomic d) Non- holonomic and rheonomic​
Prove that horizontal range of a projectile is same, as soon as fired at an angle 0 and (90° - 0) with the horizontal​
The price of readjust of angular momentum is.a) Forceb) Moment of linear momentumc) direct momentumd) torque​

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