Employee engagement is different from traditional management practices in that employee engagement:

These days, employeeengagement is treated as the miracle drug for workplace obstacles.

We hear about the benefits of employee engagement from our favorite bloggers, check out about them in the newspaper, and also watch them on conference agendas:

“Employee engagement increases profitability!”

“Employee engagement decreases turnover!”

“Employee engagement launches spacecraft to Mars!”

The headlines acquire even more and more absurd, and also we all begin to wonder, is tbelow any validity to this entirety employee engagement schtick?


Employee engagementisn"t a silver bullet, but it can have some pretty miraculous impacts on your organization. And it doesn’t just correlate through excellent organizations, it have the right to create excellent organizations.

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So why is employee engagement important? Read on for all the benefits of employee engagement—and also genuine research to back up the claims.

1. Increased employee safety.

A quick definition of employee engagement, so we"re all on the same page:

Employee engagement is the the toughness of the psychological and emotional link employees feel toward their place of work.

Since engaged employees are more linked to their worklocations, they’re even more conscious of their surroundings. Research has actually shown that70% fewer security occurrences take place in highly engaged worklocations. Instead of worrying about whether there"s room for advancement or whether their boss likes them, engaged employees can focus on the task at hand.

2. Better employee health and wellness.

Engaged employees are:

Less likely to suffer from chronic diseaseMore likely to eat healthierMore most likely to exercise

Why? Engaged worklocations tend to display even more respect for employees’ requirements, encouraging employees to accordingly care for their health. Think plans prefer flexible schedules, fresh fruits and veggies in the break room, and company-funded road races. Healthy employees provide countless benefits for an company, most notably, a better bottom line.

3. Happier employees.

Highly involved establishments don’t need to rekind to mechanisms prefer peer press, termination, or other high-stress behaviors to motivate employees. Instead, these establishments usetechniques favor employee acknowledgment, one-on-one meetings, and also 360 feedearlier to drive performance.

Without bosses barking threats at them, employees are happier, and happy employees conserve their employers money.The Amerideserve to Psychological Association approximates that even more than $500 billion is shed yearly because of workarea stress and anxiety.

4. Greater employee satisfactivity.

Employee satisfaction is different than employee engagement. Employee satisfactivity actions a minimum level, while engagement tries to obtain everyone to accomplish better. However before, this difference doesn"t suppose employee satisfaction shouldn"t be a goal.

Thirteen percent of Americansare rather dissatisfied or exceptionally dissatisfied through their current task. And you deserve to bet that wouldn’t be the instance if those employees were involved.

5. Better residence life.

Engaged employees have happier home resides, according to a Kansas State examine. Satoris Culbertboy, among the researchers on this research states:

“<…> individuals who were engaged in positive experiences at occupational and that common those experiences through substantial others viewed themselves as better able to address issues at house, came to be much better companions, and became even more efficient as a whole in the house atmosphere.”

In various other words, engaged employees are beneficial to more than just your workplace; they are advantageous to their family members, also. They don"t complain around their job to a far-ranging various other, have the energy to play with the youngsters after occupational, and also generally add to a positive residence setting.

6. Lower absenteeism.

Engaged employees are invested in their project and also treatment around the success of their team. It provides feeling, then, that they would certainly show up to job-related. Engaged employees are firmly committed to their organization"s mission, and they"re going to arrive every day through the intention make certain it gets done. In fact, extremely involved workplaces saw 41% reduced absenteeism.

Taking the occasional day off can be a sign that employees are involved. They feel secure in their function, and also they"re confident one missed day won"t impact the work-related to be accomplished. However, you need to be pertained to about engagement levels as soon as patterns of absenteeism begin to construct.

7. Higher retention.

When employees can’t utilize their staminas, don’t feel tested, or don’t gain their job-related (all hallmarks of low engagement), they’re more most likely to leave their existing employer. Engaged employees, on the various other hand also, don"t have actually a factor to look elsewhere for occupational.

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8. Greater employee loyalty.

As younger generations enter the workforce, the interpretation of employee loyalty is transforming. What as soon as was characterized as permanent dedication to a company"s objectives, now looks more prefer a tit-for-tat interaction. And that"s not the only scary news: 46% of employees would accept an additional task market if the chance emerged.

Just bereason an employee isn"t looking for a brand-new task does not expect they will not leave you if somepoint much better comes along. But, when employees are engaged, they stick around. Employees do not leave when they care about the success of the company and also they are as necessary tested bytheir occupational.

9. Better customer organization.

Regardless of the ever before raising tech- and also self-company shopping experiences, customer organization is more important than ever. When employees are involved, customers are even more most likely to be well-served.

Engaged employees care deeply about their work, and for this reason, the customers. And that’s good news for your business: 7 out of 10 consumers will certainly spend 13% even more money with a agency that offers terrific customer experience.

10. Better top quality.

Follow the advice of In Search of Excellence author Tom Peters:

"Techniques don"t develop quality assets and solutions, people perform. People that treatment, world who are treated as creatively contributing people."

Engaged employees are functioning on all cylinders, which suggests they’re less likely to make mistakes and more most likely to achieve excellence. In a current examine, very involved institutions saw40% fewer top quality defects.

11. Greater efficiency.

Employers are trying all sorts of wacky points to increase employee productivity—fromwearable task devicesto ajungle of office plants. But they"re lacking the solution that is staring them right in the face: employee engagement.

Research mirrors that involved employees are17% even more productive than their peers. Engaged employees are even more most likely to occupational diligently and also expfinish discretionary effort in their tasks, supercharging efficiency and also creation.

Today, businesses require innovation to remain agile and successful—however to boost creation, your managers need to act as coaches. Yet, one in 5 employees is not confident their manager will certainly carry out continuous, constructive feedback. Prioritizing constant, real-time feedago will certainly assist difficulty your employees to develop new and also better concepts, remedies, and products—all causing raised productivity.

12. Higher sales.

Better customer service + better performance + better quality? You guessed it: much better sales. Highly involved establishments check out an average of 20% greater sales than their disengaged countercomponents. Recent research study suggests that the same manager behaviors that drive engagement additionally all at once drive service results; inspect out the examine and also sample behaviorsright here.

13. Higher profitability.

What organization doesn’t desire a small extracash in their pockets? The latest study reflects that very engaged organizations have21% better profitabilitythan their peers. When your organization has durations of high profitcapability, make sureto reinvest in employee engagement tech and also activities. This will certainly preserve the profitcapacity development and keep you on a secure, upward trajectory.

14. Higher stock price.

You may understand this idea as the Engagement-Profit Chain: basically, that thediscretionary effort of involved employees starts a collection of occasions that chain reaction.

"Engaged Employees lead to

higher service, top quality, and productivity, which leads to…

greater customer satisfaction, which leads to…

increased sales<...>, which leads to…

better levels of profit, which leads to…

higher shareholder returns(i.e., stock price)."

Take it from Campbell’s Soup CEO Doug Conant:

“To win in the marketplace…you need to first win in the worklocation. I’m obsessed with keeping employee engagement front and center.”

From 1999 to 2009, a decadethat saw the S&P 500 stocks shed 10 percent of their worth, Campbell’s Soupstock raised by 30%.

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Employee engagement is prstove to drive employee, team, and also company success. Ramp up your technique with our ebook: 7 Employee Engagement Strategies Backed By Research.