Ecology is made up of _____.

The study of the interactions between organisms and their setting is dubbed ___.

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The linked parts of the Earth that contain life is dubbed ____.the biosphere
If two animals can breed together and develop fertile offspring, they are members of the very same ___.species
Members of the very same species should have the ability to mate and develop ____ offspring.fertile
A group of organisms that belengthy to the same species and also live in the same general location is referred to as a(n) ____.population
A team consisted of of all the various species living in the same area is dubbed a(n)
The living and also non-living points that interact in a particular area is dubbed a(n) ____.ecosystem
A group of ecosystems that have the same climate and rainfall fads is referred to as a(n) ___.biome
What are the 3 standard techniques that ecologists usage to examine the environment?1) observing 2) exploring 3) mathematical models
Which of the 3 standard approaches that ecologists use to research the atmosphere requires the usage of computer simulations?mathematical models
Which of the three fundamental techniques that ecologists usage to research the setting involves the usage of flowcharts prefer the one below?, mathematical models,
For two organisms to be taken into consideration members of the very same species, they should have the ability to mate and also create ____ offspring.fertile
What are two names that describe organisms that have the right to make their very own food?Producers, Autotrophs
What are 2 processes that autotrophs usage to develop their own food?Photosynthesis, Chemosynthesis
What do you speak to organisms that can produce their very own food without light?chemosynthesizers
Most chemosynthesizers are _______.bacteria
Autotrophs use either light power or chemical energy to create ___.carbohydrates
During photosynthesis, light power is provided to transform _____ and _____ into ____ and also _____.carbon dioxide and also water into carbohydprices and oxygen
Another word for consumer is ____.heterotroph
What are 2 words to describe organisms that should depend on various other organisms for their energy and also food supply?Consumers, Heterotrophs
What execute you contact organisms that feed only on plants?Herbivores
What do you call organisms that just feed on other animals?Carnivores
What execute you speak to organisms that feed on both plants and animals?Omnivores
What do you contact organisms that feed on the decaying stays of dead pets and plants?Detrivores
What perform you speak to organisms that gain energy by breaking down organic issue left over from dead organisms?Decomposers
Describe just how power in an ecomechanism moves?It moves in a one-method course, from the sunlight or inorganic compounds, to producers and also then consumers.
Describe how issue moves in an ecosystem?Matter cycles with an ecomechanism, going from producers to the consumers that eat the producers and ultimately to decomposers that change the matter right into creates the producers deserve to use, to begin the cycle anywhere aacquire.
True or false? "Matter is provided up in an ecodevice."False, it keeps cycling from one type of organism to an additional.
True or False? "Energy is provided up in an ecodevice."True, energy travels in a one means direction, and also is inevitably lost as heat from the different organisms as it travels up the food chain.
A series of actions in which organisms transfer energy by eating or being consumed is dubbed a chain
_______ present the one-means circulation of power with an ecosystem.Food chains
Which means perform arrows point in a food chain?They suggest from the organism that is being consumed towards the organism that eats them. They display which way energy is being passed alengthy in an ecodevice.
A ______ defines the complex feeding relationships among all organisms in an ecodevice, including the web
The image below depicts a ____., food chain,
The photo listed below depicts a ____., food web,
Each action in a food chain or environmental pyramid is referred to as a ____.trophic level
The initially trophic level in a food chain or eco-friendly pyramid is comprised of ____.producers (autotrophs)
The second trophic level in a food chain or eco-friendly pyramid is made up of ____.initially level consumers (remember, the initially, or bottom level was made of producers)
The 3rd trophic level in a food chain or environmental pyramid is comprised of ____.second level consumers (remember, the first level was producers and also the second level was first level consumers)
If all the plants in a area were established to contain 10,000 calories of power, exactly how much energy would certainly you intend to obtain by eating all the animals that feed on those plants in the field?1000 calories (remember the 10% rule)
If all the herbivores in an ecomechanism had actually a biomass of 50,000 kg, what would certainly you mean every one of the carnivores at the following trophic level to weigh all together?5,000 kg (remember the 10% rule)
Why execute environmental pyramids rarely have actually even more than 4 trophic levels?Energy commonly runs out by the 4th trophic level bereason 90% is provided up at each level and just 10% gets passed on.
The original resource of power that flows via an ecosystem originates from ____.the sun
The full amount of living tproblem in an ecodevice, expressed in kilograms, is dubbed ____.biomass
The transforming of water from gas develop (water vapor) to liquid create is called ____.condensation
The changing of water from liquid form to gas develop (water vapor) at temperatures below boiling is referred to as ___.evaporation
Evaporation from the surchallenge of plant leaves is called ____.Transpiration
When water condenses and then starts to autumn as either rain or snow, these two creates of water deserve to both be called ______.precipitation
When organisms burn their food in the visibility of oxygen, the 2 waste commodities are carbon dioxide and also ___.water vapor
Water that ends up deep below the ground is called ___.ground water
Unlike power, issue gets _______ within and between ecosystesms.recycled
Matter gets recycled within and also between ecounits via ____ cyclesbiogeochemical cycles (bio=living, geo refers to geology and also chemical refers to chemistry)
The chemical substances that an organism calls for to live are referred to as ___.nutrients
Producers require nitrogen to be turned right into ____ and ____, which are provided to make _____.nitprices and nitrites, supplied to make proteins
_______ is forced by plants in order to make molecules favor DNA and RNA plus an energy moving molecule referred to as ATP.Phosphorus
Which two types of facets are the essential ingredients in fertilizer, because plants need them to prosper.Nitrogen and also phosphorus
The procedure by which bacteria convert nitrogen gas (N2) into ammonia (NH3) is called ____.nitrogen fixation
The convariation of nitrogen from one form to an additional in the nitrogen cycle is lugged out mostly by ___.bacteria
Which form of plants assist make soil more productive bereason they deserve to settle nitrogen out of the air and also transform it into useable forms?Legumes (they encompass peas, beans, lentils, peanuts, alfalfa. Legumes actually don't carry out the converting themselves, however have bacteria that prosper in their root nodules that have the right to resolve nitrogen from the atmosphere and also revolve it right into fertilizer)
A lake that receives a huge input of a limiting nutrient, like nitrogen or phosphorus, can develop a(n) ____.algal bloom
The price at which producers create organic matter (by growing) in an ecosystem is referred to as ____.major productivity
What is many most likely to be a limiting nutrient in a freshwater pond?phosphorus
If a nutrient is in such a brief supply in an ecosystem that it affects the expansion of organisms, it is dubbed a(n) ___.limiting nutrient
Aquatic ecounits are a lot of most likely to obtain hefty doses of limiting nutrients that deserve to cause algal blooms from the runoff from ___.fertilized fields (favor farmland also or golf courses)
Which gas is offered off by decomposers as they decompose dead organisms?carbon dioxide (bereason they are obtaining power from the dead organisms via cellular respiration)
Which two gases are provided off as soon as organisms burn food for energy with the process of cellular respiration?carbon dioxide and water vapor
Which two substances are compelled by producers in order to conduct photosynthesis?carbon dioxide and water (which are converted to food and oxygen in the time of photosynthesis)
Carbon dioxide and water are ____ during photosynthesis.required
Carbon dioxide and also water are ___ in the time of cellular respiration.produced
Photosynthesis is pretty a lot the exact oppowebsite procedure of ___.cellular respiration (photosynthesis calls for power to make food from carbon dioxide and water while cellular respiration burns food making use of oxygen to create carbon dioxide and water in addition to energy)
Where in the carbon cycle is carbon stored in a process that took millions of years to build up?Carbon took numerous years to develop up underground as fossil fuels such as coal, oil and also gas. Unfortunately, it is currently being released back into the environment easily over the last two a century as we've began burning the fossil fuels for energy)
What is the process called wright here nitrogen containing compounds in dead organisms are converted ago right into nitrogen gas (N2) so that nitrogen deserve to re-enter the atmosphere?denitrification
Ammonia is converted by bacteria into ________ so that it deserve to be provided by plants to prosper.nitrates and nitrites (which are also key ingredients in fertilizer)
Why is carbon dioxide boosting in the atmosphere?Fossil fuels containing carbon are being melted for power (producing CO2) now-a-days. This has was not happening very a lot till the start of the commercial revolution.
What are 3 humale activities the majority of responsible for the current rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?Burning fossil fuels, clearing forests by burning them, and also industrial processes.
Climate is the average, year-to-year, problems of ____ and ____ in a details area.

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temperature and also precipitation
______ is the average, year-to-year, conditions of temperature and also precipitation in a particular location.Climate
The natural trapping of heat power by gases in the Earth’s setting is well-known as ____.the greenhome result,
Name 3 greenhome gases, beginning with the one blamed for the majority of of current global warming.Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor
What does this image depict? (If you can't see it well, you probably didn't open up up the flashcards as NON-JAVA), The greenhouse result,
What are the three international climate zones, founding with the warmest and ending with the coldest?Tropical, tempeprice, polar
Heat is moved ameans from the tropics whereby two methods?Wind and also sea currents
Wind and also ocean curleas are led to by the fact that warm fluids ____ and also cool fluids _____.climb, sink
The climate on the side of a hill selection acquiring hit by prevailing winds is ______ than the climate on the various other side of the mountain range.wetter,
What are these lines called?, lines of latitude,
The living things that help shape an ecomechanism are known as _________.biotic factors
The non-living things that aid form an ecodevice are recognized as _______.abiotic factors
An organism's ______ is wright here it resides and also has both biotic and abiotic factors.habitat
An organism's ____ is kind of choose it's project, and has the way in which an organism eats, finds sanctuary, and also reproduces and the physical problems forced by the organism to survive.niche,
Two various species ______ share the exact same niche in the very same habitat.can't
Any necessity for life, such as water, nutrients, light, food, and also room, are described as a _____.resource
The ascendancy in ecology that no two species have the right to occupy the very same niche in the very same habitat at the very same time is recognized as the ____.competitive exclusion principle
______ occurs as soon as organisms of the same or different species attempt to use an ecological resource in the very same location at the same time.Competition
The kind of interaction where one organism captures and eats one more organism is known as _____.predation
The kind of relationship in which 2 various species of organisms live very closely together is called ____.symbiosis,
Name the three kinds of symbiotic relationships., mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism
The kind of symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit is called ____., mutualism,
The form of symbiotic connection in which one species benefits while the various other species is neither assisted nor hequipped is dubbed ___., commensalism,
The kind of symbiotic connection in which one species benefits at the expense of the other is dubbed ____., parasitism,
Frents, ticks, lice and tapeworms are examples of ____.parasites,
The organism that a parasite resides on or in is called the
The series of predictable changes that happen in an ecomechanism as it periods is referred to as ____.environmental succession,
The kind of succession that starts from scrape (choose on bare rock or ash) is called ____.main succession,
The initially species to populate a space that previously had actually no indications of life is referred to as the species
The form of environmental succession that occurs after a woodland fire, or as soon as farmland is abandoned, is dubbed _____second succession,
The last area of organisms, after the ecosystem has actually gone via succession and end up being stabilized, is referred to as the ____.orgasm community
Climate problems in a tiny location that differ significantly from the climate of the surrounding location are dubbed ___.microclimates
Which biome is characterized by incredibly low temperatures, bit precipitation, and permafrost?Tundra,
Which two biomes have actually the least amount of precipitation?Desert and also tundra
A biome is established by its specific set of abiotic components and also its ___.characteristic plant and also animal communities
Palm trees and also shrubs roughly a small pool of water in the middle of a barren desert is an example of ____.a microclimate
Which type of tropical forested biome is characterized by a wet seaboy and a dry season?Tropical dry forest
Tall, perennial grasses and also herds of grazing herbivores are citizens of the _______ biome.tropical savanna and also tempeprice grassland
Mild, moist air from the Pacific Ocean and gigantic redhardwood trees characterize the _____.northwestern coniferous forest (likewise known as tempeprice rainforests),
Desert biomes differ significantly in temperature but are constantly defined as having actually less than _____ cm of rainfall per year.,
25 cm
Which kind of biome is identified by thin, nutrient-poor soils?tropical rainwoodland,
What adaptation perform trees in the tropical rainwoodland need to deal with the soils they prosper on?Trees in the tropical rainwoodland have actually shallow roots that spread out alengthy the ground to acquire nutrients from the nutrients poor soil before the nutrients are waburned ameans by the heavy rainloss.
What execute we contact the layer in the tropical rainwoodland that blocks out a lot of of the light from hitting the ground?The woodland canopy (tree tops that spreview out prefer umbrellas),
How execute trees in a tropical dry forest conserve water throughout the dry season?They drop their leaves to prevent evapotranspiration.
What perform you speak to trees that drop their leaves on an annual basis?Deciduous trees,
Name 2 points that store savannas and also tempeprice grasslands from undergoing succession and also turning right into forests.Fires and huge herds of grazing herbivores
Which biome is home to the many various types of species on Earth?Tropical Rainforests
Which form of biome is pictured below?, Boactual forest (a.k.a. - Taiga). Notice it's all conifers.,
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Desert. (I determined this photo to show that deserts aren't constantly hot. Often times, deserts are found on the lee side of a hill range in the mountains rainshadow),
Which form of biome is pictured below?, Tropical Savanna,
Which form of biome is pictured below?, Tundra (during the brief growing seaboy, tright here is enough water from permafrost melt for lush shrubs, wildflowers, and also grasses to grow),
Which kind of biome is pictured below?, Northwest coniferous forest (a.k.a. - temperate rainwoodlands. This photo is taken from Washington state),
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Temperate woodland (a.k.a. - Tempeprice deciduous forest),
The layer of permanently frozen subsoil that only thaws a few centimeters in the time of the summer in the tundra is referred to as ____.permafrost
Permafrost is discovered in the _____ biome.Tundra,
Plants like cactus and also aloe vera are referred to as _____ plants.succulent
Which biome is defined by cool moist winters, hot dry summers, and regular brush fires?Tempeprice Woodland also and Shrubland (a.k.a. - Chaparrel). The parts of California that are always catching on fire are an example.,
Which kind of biome is characterized by warmth to hot summers, cold winters, seasonal precipitation, and incredibly productive soils?Temperate Grasslands (think of Iowa),
Which kind of biome execute we live in?Tempeprice woodland (a.k.a. - Tempeprice deciduous forest),
Which type of biome is identified by broadleaf deciduous trees, cold to modeprice winters, warmth summers, and also year-round rainfall?Tempeprice woodland (a.k.a. - Temperate deciduous forest),
Which type of biome is identified by lengthy cold winters, short mild summers, and greatly coniferous trees?Boactual woodlands (a.k.a. - Taiga),
What are the 4 abiotic factors supplied to classify aquatic ecosystems?depth, flow, temperature, water chemistry
Streams and also rivers are examples of _________ ecodevices.flowing-water ecosystems
Lakes and ponds are examples of ______ ecodevices.standing-water ecosystems
Give 2 examples of standing-water ecounits.Lakes and also ponds
Give two examples of flowing-water ecodevices.Streams and rivers
Wright here water flows quickly, there is most liquified _______ but little ____.oxygen, plant life
_____ are free-floating organisms that live in both fresh and saltwater (generally unicellular).Plankton,
Plankton that are autotrophs (producers) are dubbed ____ and also they form the base of many aquatic food chains.phytoplankton,
Plankton that are heterotrophs (consumers) are called _____.zooplankton,
An ecomechanism in which water either covers the soil or is present at or near the surface of the soil for at least component of the year is dubbed a(n) ______.wetland
_________ are formed wbelow a river meets the sea.Estuaries
______ water is a mixture of fresh and saltwater.Brackish
________ is partially decreated organic issue. It washes into estuaries to create the base of the estuary food chain.Detritus
_______ are estuaries that are dominated by grasses.Salt marshes
________ swamps are seaside areas overcame by salt-tolerant trees through huge roots that trap sediments and also prevent erosionMangrove,
What kind of seaside ecodevice is displayed below?, A mangrove swamp. Notice the astronomical root device coming off the mangrove trees.,
The _______ zone is the layer of the ocean that light penetratesphotic
The _______ zone is the layer of the sea that light cannot penetrate.aphotic (pronounced "A-fotic")
No autotrophs deserve to prosper in the aphotic zone bereason without light, _________ is impossible.photosynthesis
The part of the ocean that lies past the continental shelf is referred to as the ocean
_______ is the zone between the low tide note and also the edge of the continental shelf.The coastal ocean
What type of coastal ecodevice is this seal swimming approximately in?,
kelp forest
What type of coastal ecosystem is pictured below?,
Coral reef
The _______ zone refers to the sea floor.

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Organisms that live on, in, or attached to the sea floor are referred to as _____.benthos
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