Does my teacher like me more than a student


Have you had actually a weird feeling that your teacher likes you? Do you favor your teacher and also wonder if he/she likes you too? Tbelow are many things that teachers carry out that may be signs of affection in the direction of students.

Take this quiz currently to find out just exactly how a lot your teacher likes you! Speak wondering if your teacher has actually feelings for you and also take this quick quiz to check out your results! Good luck and also have actually fun!

Created by: gina

Does your teacher have actually a pet name for you? no idk yes, he calls me it all the moment he has actually referred to as me this nick name once or twiceWhen walking down the hallmeans, and your teacher walks by, what does he or she do? smiles at you waves, states hey or whats up states hey and also begins talking to you as you walk dvery own the hall winks at you does not really carry out anything at all occasionally nods/smiles at youDoes you teacher ever before compliment you ever or when in front of the class? never yes all the time! sometimes I haven"t noticed yes however he/she compliments everyoneDo you think your teacher likes you? idk I think so yes, a lot of definitely no probably a littleDoes he/she pick on you even more than others for inquiries during class? Yes, all the moment well if no one raises their hand also after a while he"ll pick me never before he/she constantly picks me as soon as my hand is increased no simply the normal when in a whileDoes your teacher ever tease you or playfully make fun of you? yes, he/she teases me a ton! no, he/she never before teases me sometimes we have actually a few jokesDo you choose your teacher? yes, a lot! a little idk no If your teacher is likewise a coach of among your sports, does he treat you in a different way or help you more than others? my teacher does not coach anything I play yes! he/she constantly watches me and helps me the the majority of no, he does not assist me anyeven more than everyone else occasionallyHow a lot carry out you have actually in prevalent via your teacher? nothing idk a lot, we have sooo a lot in common!!! we have actually a couple of things in commonDuring class does your teacher ever assist your grades? never sometimes all the time, he made my grade a letter grade greater on a test! yeah, well he readily available me some additional credit to execute to gain my grade upHas your teacher ever complemented just how you look? never before once or twice all the time!!! I don"t think soHas your teacher ever before touched you playfully or even more than playcompletely, choose a hug? never he has offered me playful light punches in the shoulder prior to we have hugged we have kissed we have hugged and kissed we have high-fived beforeDid you have fun taking this quiz? no yes idk a little I do not care simply provide me my results!!!

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