Criteria or standards used in evaluating proposed solutions to a problem are referred to as

1.the implies by which a marketing goal is to be completed, normally defined by a specified target sector and marketing program to reach it.

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2. criteria or standards supplied in evaluating proposed solutions to a marketing problem. 2. statements of an achievement of a task to be achieved, often by a certain time.

3. road map for the marketing activities of an organization for a specified future time duration, such as one year or 5 years.

4. the detailed day-to-day operational decisions important to the in its entirety success of marketing methods.

Team Goals:

In straightforward terms, team purposes are simply one item of a twisted puzzle that inevitably provides a complete photo for a group task. According to some accounts, a group project deserve to be a irreversible task which is envisioned by an entire firm or company, for instance, a team goal to increase the turnover. Team purposes are imposed in the worklocation to develop projected administration for the organization.

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The answer is:

Option 1.

Objectives refer to the goals which a agency or firm need to accomplish by making use of miscellaneous techniques. Eextremely firm or company...

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Setting Team Goals & Objectives


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