Choose the topic that best limits the broad subject architecture

We want a topic that boundaries the broad topic of music, which suggests we desire something that is as particular as possible.

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Look at the answer choices:

- A: famous pianists

Well, tbelow are plenty of famous pianists: Mozart, Beethstove, Chopin, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder... The list goes on, so this is still a really broad topic. Eliminate A.

- B: contemporary rap music

Tright here is so much to talk around through regards to modern-day rap music: the intonations, background, famous rappers, and so on Again, this is wide, so remove.

- C: background of the harmonica

This is a bit even more narrow, as we"ve reduced down to one certain instrument. However, there"s still so much to talk around through regards to this history: origins, machines, evolution of the framework, and so on Eliminate C.

- D: history of The Star-Spangled Banner

Ah, currently this is absolutely extremely narrowhead bereason we"ve favored a very particular song to emphasis on. Therefore, D is the answer.

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D.history of The Star-Spangled Banner


A.well known pianists: this is an extremely wide category given that tright here are many pianist and also a selection of subjects can be researched upon

B.modern rap music: this aobtain is a braod category since tright here are various parameters associated via rap music

C.background of the harmonica: this is reasonably much less wide as a subject however aacquire a range of facets have the right to be researched upon like origin, etc.

D.history of The Star-Spangled Banner: from the offered options, this is the many certain one. Hence, finest borders the subject of research

1. D)sentence paraphrased from a book 2.D)the history of the gold gate bridge3. C)The lime, green wall surfaces have not been painted in fifty years.4.A)the laborers" daily battle.Hope this helps!!



Historic buildings show just how design has changed over time, and also mirrors the background of the area.

D. the background of the Golden Gate Bridge


I think this is the correct answer bereason it especially adresses one architectural construction. Remember that in all disciplines the built up understanding arisen over the years is as well comprehensive to take on. This is the reason techniques are divided in topics. In this case if you want to perform a study you should be able to delimit the subject, otherwise you would certainly have actually so a lot information abailable your missions and outcomes would certainly turn vague. Options A, B and also C, are also wide, the information compelled is huge, it covers as well many kind of years of history (A and also B), or also many kind of elements to take right into consideration (C). Option D, boundaries the information to one specific element that can be conveniently traced in time and also area.

Option C). The topic that ideal borders the wide subject background would certainly be the "History of the piprice Jean Lafitte".

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History is the study of the previous as it is explained in written documents. The topic of History is a vast one as it requires any type of sort of description or retelling of previous occasions of any kind of kind of genre, choose music, artefacts, communities, countries, ideas, and so on Within the alternatives provided in the question, th "History of the pirate Jean Lafitte" would certainly be the choice that would certainly finest limit the wide topic that is history, as it would certainly only entail the past events on the life of one specific individual.

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Building residences, simple dud
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C) Reason being: This would certainly be the examine of one certain perboy and their life. Not a nation or a genre.