California: pro-choice activist proudly breaks world record by getting her 27th abortion

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Saysa pro-option activist in California 'proudly breaks world document by acquiring her 27th abortion'

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The words "murderer" and also "killer" were among the insults and slurs readers hurled at a 34-year-old womale that allegedly made history when she had her 27th abortion. But the short article reporting the document is—by the website’s own admission—fictional.

"World News Daily Report assumes all obligation for the satirical nature of its short articles and also for the fictional nature of their content," reads a disclaimer at the bottom of, wbelow the story showed up. "All personalities appearing in the articles in this website—even those based on actual people—are totally fictional and any type of resemblance between them and any perboy, living, dead or undead, is pucount a miracle."

A message sent to World News Daily Report was not immediately answered. But on the website’s Frequently Asked Questions web page, the webwebsite touts a "News Team" featuring members fluent in more than 12 languperiods. "We hence have actually accessibility to thousands of newsrecords roughly the world and also select indevelopment we feel is of interemainder to the Christian, Muslim and also Jewish zionist neighborhood international." Readers are also motivated to help spcheck out the outlet’s "wisdom to the miscreants of the people."

This story was flagged as component of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misindevelopment on its News Feed. (Read even more around our partnership through Facebook.) Though the story doesn’t have a date showing once it was posted virtual, CrowdTangle data shows it has created more than 566,000 social media interactions, including practically 48,000 shares. Some commenters reacted without any hint that they knew it was fake.