At the end of year 10 going into year 11

The summer after GCSEs at the finish of year 11 is a lengthy break. It’s full of possibilities. Before we also get to the institution summer holidays my daughter Fizz has an awful lot of revision and pressure. As her parent, I don’t obtain most indevelopment in advance.

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School in the last weeks of year 11

For instance, we have no shown start day for research leave. It will certainly be a last minute decision by the institution based upon the behaviour of the year team. I don’t recognize once my daughter is going to be functioning at house, which is awkward as we have some disruptive plumbing work-related to book in!

Other things are exceptionally last-minute also. The background and scientific research courses are so lengthy that they will certainly just simply finish teaching them all before the exams begin. That makes revision pretty challenging.


Arrangements and also re-arrangements

Some vital points need to be re-booked at a late phase. Months ago the institution asked the year 11 children to find job-related suffer founding in the week of 18th June. Fizz did a great application and landed the perfect spot. Now in mid-February the exam timetable has actually finally been publiburned by AQA. Guess what? Fizz has actually two exceptionally late language exams in the exact same week as her work-related suffer. We now need to negotiate (very apologetically) through the employer and also view if it have the right to be moved.

It feels a little like we are flying by the seat of our pants. Things have changed a lot given that I was 16. Many teachers are too busy to tell us a lot and I pick up bits of information from Fizz, mostly. I haven’t even been given the day for the exam results.

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The last end of year 11

After her last GCSE exam in June, Fizz will certainly have left institution. Several of her friends are staying on to sign up with a college location expedition to Iceland. Those who are doing job-related suffer will certainly have the teachers visit them in their workareas. The end of year 11 is fairly a soft complete, and I have actually uncovered it tricky to obtain my head roughly the arrangements.

Even with the late language exams, Fizz will certainly end up college four weeks before the finish of term. If all goes to plan, she will have two weeks of occupational endure and then 2 more weeks prior to her younger sister Belle joins her at the finish of term and also we have the right to take a family members holiday. I wonder just how Belle will feel heading off to school each morning for a month while Fizz is still asleep.


The Summer after GCSEs

Fizz will deserve a break however inevitably she might gain bored and also under my feet. With all these weeks cost-free at the finish of year 11, I asked some other parent bloggers for their tips. They have common their very own memories and also principles for points to perform.

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Helen from Casa Costello says: “My 16 year old will be completing in Finland also & Glasgow however if she wasn’t she would be taking component in the Young Citizen Service. My niece did it last year and also loved it. It took up her whole summer & she made loads of friends.”

Victoria from Lylia Rose says: “My school didn’t organise anything as after the last exam that was my last day at that college. I functioned added shifts and saw my friends before we went our separate means to various work, colleges and also sixth forms.”

Mandi from Hexmumblog says: “Both of mine have helped out with the household company to earn themselves some money, as they were working their younger siblings have never before minded as they shelp work-related doesn’t sound fun!!”

Natasha from Mummy and Moose says: ” My child did NCS (National Citizen Service) last summer complying with his GCSEs and also I cannot stress and anxiety enough exactly how brilliant it was for him. Masses of fun, it helped his self confidence and discovering lots of new skills. 15 days of points to perform for £50 was terrific value also. I think eincredibly 16 year old should do it.”


Colette from Truly Madly Cuckoo says: ” My child acquired himself a component time project in a local café. He generally just works Sundays however did extra hrs after GCSEs and also functions even more in the holidays now. He loves the extra cash, also it’ll look great on his individual statement if he goes to university.”

Nellie from Nellie Pom-Poms says: “When my older 2 went on examine leave a fortnight prior to the exams they were pretty a lot left to their own tools as to whether they actually checked out revision classes, they acquired to exams and also afterwards they kicked ago and also tranquil. They are no much longer pupils at school so the college don’t perform anypoint. My youngest had no jealousy whatsoever, she enjoyed not having actually her older siblings at school.”

Is this exactly how you meant the finish of year 11 to go or are tright here some surprises here? How are the last weeks of year 11 organised in your area? Do let me recognize in the comments!

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