Assessment accommodations for classroom teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students

Assessment Accommodations for Classroom Teachers of Culturally and also Linguistically Diverse Students - second edition

by Socorro G. Herrera

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A much-necessary reresource for helping teachers assess the increasing variety of varied students and English learners in today"s K-12 classrooms,Assessment Accommodations for Classroom Teachers of Culturally and also Linguistically Diverse Studentsdetails efficient classroom assessment techniques and also organizes recommfinished strategies around the 4 critical dimensions of the CLD student biography: the sociocultural, linguistic, academic, and also cognitive dimensions. Written from the perspective of a differential lens on assessment practices for CLD students, the book concentrates on thestudentas the driving force behind its narrative and also company and also examines the Who, Wright here, What, When, and How of making use of proper assessment practices through CLD students.

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