_____ are normally expressed in the form of rules.

A business keeps track of their employees, shifts and also dates operated making use of just the adhering to file:

After learning that Elizabeth Linbreck ceased employment through the service, her entity was deleted from the file, which currently looks favor this:

Due to the structure of the file, which of the following will take place as an outcome of this deletion?

A. An upday anomaly

B. An insertion anomaly

C. A deletion anomaly

D. An error message will display








This file is the just source of both the employee names and the feasible shifts. Elizabeth Linbreck was the just one working on the "First-2nd Shift". As such, deleting Elizabeth Linbreck from the file additionally deleted any indevelopment about "First-Second Shift". This is recognized as a deletion anomaly

Read the scenario listed below, then follow the subsequent instructions.

You watching: _____ are normally expressed in the form of rules.

A tiny organization stores its information in a record called "ORGDATA.xyz", and also supplies a tradition program to store and also accessibility the information in the file. The file is in a format that was developed by the company. Two years ago, the technical team made a decision to upgrade the file format by moving all documents for the same clients physically close to each other in the file. This upgrade required a adjust to the custom routine in order for it to know just how to accessibility the data. Last year, the technical team determined to upgrade the file by permitting 255 personalities for each client last name, rather of the original 16 characters. This upgrade aget required a change to the custom regime. Lastly, the file format has no way for one document to recommendation an additional document. For instance, if 2 clients live at the exact same resolve, the resolve should be contained twice in the file -- once for each client.


Select all statements that appropriately explain the above scenario.

A. The customer routine used to keep and access data in the file is structurally dependent upon the file.

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B. The file is topic to data anomalies

C. It is difficult to answer any kind of ad-hoc (spur of the moment) inquiries making use of the file and also routine.

D. The customer program provided to keep and access the data in the file is information dependent upon the file.

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E. The file exhibits data redundancy

Answer: A, B, D, E

The file exhibits information redundancy because records cannot referral various other documents, and also so two logically equal pieces of information have to sometimes be copied. We understand this from the fact that the very same deal with is provided once for each client. The customer regimen provided to keep and access data in the file is structurally dependent upon the file. because the scenario shows that two years earlier, a change to the structure compelled a adjust to the program. The file is subject to data anomalies bereason it exhibits information redundancy. Any system that enables for duplicate data is subject to upday, insertion, and also deletion anomalies. The routine is data dependent because the scenario indicates that last year, the dataform of among the fields adjusted, and that the regime essential to readjust to proceed accessing the file. Though use of a DBMS make ad-hoc inquiries much easier to answer, existing information in a document can still be supplied to do the exact same.