All are correct about the "five relationships" except

“All I require (is/are) cigarettes and alcohol”: which one is correct? (2 answers)
What is the correct verb tense for the expression "all you need is", as soon as what follows is a plural?

All you require is paintbrushes and paint.All you require are paintbrushes and also paint.

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Or is neither incorrect? Both creates sound funny to me.

Google reflects an order of magnitude more hits for "all you require is two" than "all you need are two", but the latter still has actually ~500K hits, so it seems that both creates are in common use. (You have the right to additionally examples of both usages in Google"s "News" search.)

Consider a connected example:

All is excellent.All are excellent.

Both creates are correct, yet have slightly different meanings/contexts. The initially is correct if "all" describes "everything" (singular); the second is correct if "all" describes an implied concrete collection of things, as in "all (the widgets) are good". This line of reasoning appears to imply the last create is correct, because "paintbrushes" are concrete things. (And yet that appears to be the much less renowned develop in widespread consumption, judging by Google hits).

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asked Oct 20 "14 at 0:15

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I think the alternative is propelled by semantics. It counts on whether the object of the sentence is "seen" by the subject as a solitary principle or not.

All I need is cigarettes and alcohol.

...if you"re thinking of their desired results on your body, yet...

All I require are cigarettes and alcohol.

...if you"re making a shopping list.

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All you require is paintbrushes and paint. begin your imaginative career, but...

All you require are paintbrushes and also paint.

...bereason you currently have actually an easel.

All you need is friends.

...some random repertoire of them, that is, yet...

All you require are friends.

...each of them distinctive.

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All you need is love.

...never before are, but some might think they require more. :)

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answered Oct 21 "14 at 1:13

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I believe the idiom is that "all" takes the singular, however notional plurality has actually some merit.

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answered Oct 21 "14 at 1:17

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