A very small group of adolescents who share similar clothes and ideas is called a

A crowd is a teams of civilization who gather together in order to perform something, to protest for instance. But is not important they wear equivalent apparel.

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A surrogate is someone or somepoint that replaces another perkid or thing.

A clique is a narrow exclusive circle of human being or group that gather together because of their widespread interests, views, purposes ad apparel.

So the correct alternative is letter d. Clique

Was giving by lincoln on march 4, 1865-as lincoln prepared to soptimal, the civil battle was drawing to a close-lincolns address of 703 words was the second shortest inaugural address-lincoln mentions god 14 times-505 of the words were one syllable -he used the word "war" or it"s pronoun 9 times



Name three points the framers of the constitution did to store the federal federal government or any part of it from coming to be also powerful.
Which sentences defines a cycle of dependency? a. help hurts the local economic situation producing the require for more aid. b. aid enhances infrastructure and creates more wealth and even more great facilities. c. aid programs end up being more trustworthy over time so civilization can depfinish on them. d. no answer is correct​
What does the suggest on the graph represent? a. accumulation supply and demand also equilibrium b. accumulation supply c. accumulation increasing prices and supply d. accumulation climb in gdp
Which of the adhering to functions does an arrival play in an explanatory essay? a. it gives the reader something to ponder after analysis the essay. b. it describes exactly how...
Bethany sells roses and also petunias. the expression 3r plus 2.5p offers the cost (in dollars) of r roses and p petunias. what is the cost of 7 roses and 8 petunias...

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In footround the function of the defense is to physically interfere with an offensive receiver to prevent a player from catching the round proccasion the opposing offense fr...
50 j of job-related was perdeveloped in 20 seconds. just how a lot power was supplied to do this task? a. 2.5 w b. 4 w c. 0.4 w d. 24.5 w what was the answer to this on...
In order to attain a conviction for price resolving under the shermale antitrust act, the federal government needs to prove:...
Pls *urgent* i require on around 3-5 concerns, ty 1.the soft components of animals which have end up being fossils are normally damaged by: oxygen in the air bacteria...

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