A university dean is interested in determining the proportion of students

A university dean is interested in determining the propercentage of students who receive some kind of financial assist. Rather than sarkariresultonline.info the documents for all students, the dean randomly selects eq200/eq students and also finds that eq118/eq of them are receiving financial help. If the dean wanted to estimate the propercent of all students receiving financial aid to within eq3\%/eq via eq99\%/eq relicapacity, just how many type of students would have to be sampled?

A) n = 1,844.

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B) n = 1,435.

C) n = 1,784.

D) n = 1,503.

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Sample Size Determination

Choosing the correct sample size for a sarkariresultonline.info is a really critical and important decision. The sample size not only impacts the price of the research however it have the right to likewise impact the outcomes or results of the sarkariresultonline.info very substantially.

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Given that

eqeginalign*p &= dfrac118200\&= 0.59endalign*/eq

Also offered Margin of Error = 0.03

Relicapacity level is...

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