A query can have no more than two common interpretations.

Some queries really only have actually one interpretation. Consider the query , English (US). Tright here may be various user intents for this query (Do-Know-Go) and also there are various models of iPhones, however all users are basically referring to the very same thing: the phone made by Apple, Inc.Some queries truly have actually various feasible interpretations. We refer to these various meanings as query interpretations. When providing energy ratings for results involving various query interpretations, think around exactly how likely the queryinterpretation is and also just how useful the outcome is.For example, an extremely helpful result for a leading interpretation need to be rated U, because it is extremely helpful for many kind of or most users. (Some queries through a dominant interpretation have a V result.)A extremely useful result for a widespread interpretation might be U or R, depending upon exactly how most likely the interpretation is.A very beneficial result for a really minor interpretation may be SR or lower because few users might be interested in that interpretation.Tright here are some interpretations which are so unlikely that results must be rated OT. We call these "no chance" interpretations.Reminder: PQ rating is query-independent. Do not think around query interpretation when doing PQ ratings.

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Query InterpretationExample Query and InterpretationHighest Possible Utility Rating For a Very Helpful ResultDominant Interpretation:, English (US): Apple computer systems. Most users who type thisV or Uquery want results on Apple computer systems., English, (US): the Microsoft operating system. Mostindividuals who kind this query desire outcomes on the Microsoft Windowsoperating system.Of all the users that kind thequery, a lot of users would, English (US): the mathematical formula. Most customers whodesire this interpretation.form this query want results around the mathematical formula. Thereis no V result feasible for this query., English (US): the tiny furry pet regularly retained as a pet.Many users that kind this query desire results about the pet.Tbelow is no V result feasible for this query.Common Interpretation: Of all the customers who form the query, some users would certainly want this interpretation., English (US): The fruit. Some customers who form this query might want results about the fruit., English (US): The glass paned home windows for a home. Some users that form this query could desire results about glass home windows for a residence., English (US): The Amerideserve to Dental Association, the Amerihave the right to Diabetes Association, or the Amerideserve to via Disabilities Act. Some individuals might want information about any of these interpretations.

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, English (US): The auto brand also, the earth, or the chemical aspect. Some customers might want indevelopment around any kind of of these interpretations., English (US): The open up kind of shoe or the chain of resorts in the Caribbean Sea. Many type of or some customers can want information about either of these interpretations.U or R, relying on how most likely the prevalent interpretation is.Minor Interpretation:Of all the individuals that form the query, few individuals would desire this interpretation., English (US): The Atlanta Development Authority or the American Darters Association. Few users would certainly desire information around either of these interpretations., English (US): The Mercury Magazine (publimelted by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific) or Mercury Records (a record label in the UK). Few users would desire information about these interpretations., English (US): "Hot Dog," a movie that remained in movie theaters in 1984. Few users would certainly desire information about this interpretation.R or SRResults for much less likely interpretations have to obtain lower ratings because they are advantageous for fewer individuals."No chance" Interpretation: An interpretation so minor that virtually no one would certainly ever before want it.

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, English (US): A pig from New Guinea, which is an island also country located near Australia. (Tright here more than likely are pigs in New Guinea, however it is exceptionally unlikely that the user keying the query would certainly have that interpretation in mind.)OTNo users are interested in "no chance" interpretations.
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