A disadvantage of forming a corporation is _____.

What are the 3 primary develops of organization organization?
single proprietorships, partnerships, and also corporations
Which is true of a single proprietorship?Profits from a sole proprietorship are just taxed as soon as.

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What does boundless licapability mean to the owner of a business?The owner is responsible for all the company's debts.
Which type of service organization is a partnership many like?single proprietorship
Which is NOT an benefit of forming a corporation?Profits are taxed twice: at the corpoprice level and also at the shareholder level.
In order to become a corporation, what need to a business have?a corpoprice charter
Which business structure has both the benefits of a small business and a corporation?franchise
Which kind of service renders a finiburned product, such as an automobile?manufacturer
How does a product get from a manufacturer to a wholesaler?by an intermediary
Wbelow carry out stores acquire the commodities that they sell?wholesalers
Which is true of intermediaries, wholesalers, and also retailers?They buy and also offer products.
In which type of service execute most Americans work?service
Which department in a agency sets the price of a product?marketing
Which department in a company pays the bills for the business?accounting
Which ideal explains management's a lot of essential job?Achieving goals by planning, regulating, and evaluating the effective usage of resources.
Sole proprietorships account for around __ of all the businesses in the USA.70 percent
Income from a sole proprietorship istaxed once
One of the disadvantages of having actually a partnership isinfinite liability
A major benefit of creating a corporation is _ liabilityunrestricted
An company that is owned and operated by its members is a __.cooperative
A contractual agreement to use the name and sell the commodities or solutions of a company in a designated geographic location is called a _?franchise
If among your objectives is to limit your individual liability, it would be finest to organize your business as a __.corporation
Throughout the life of a business, the method the organization is arranged __.can be changed
A company owned by ten civilization who share the dangers and also rewards of the company is a __.partnership
The simplest what to organize a company is as a __.

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single proprietorship
A company that transforms raw products into finimelted items is called a __.processor
A firm that turns corn right into vegetable oil is referred to as a(n) __.processor
A company that gathers materials in their original state from herbal sources is called a __.producer
A processor changers raw material into a __ product.more finished
Processed goods are turned into finimelted commodities by a __.manaufacturer
A service that moves good from one service to an additional is dubbed a(n)_.intermediary
A firm that buys huge quantities of produce from many type of ranches and then divides fruits and vegetables right into smaller amounts and sells them to grocery stores is a __.distributor
The buying and reoffering of items that have already been produced is referred to as __.procurement
The procedure of achieving firm goals by planning, organizing, directing, managing, and evaluating the effective usage of resources is referred to as __.

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Maintaining and also checking documents, taking care of bills, and preparing financial reports for a organization is referred to as ___.accounting
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