9 things i would like to tell every teenage girl lyrics

I’ve gone on a little slam poem watching spree lately – yes, I am a nerd, I know. But! these poems are extremely powerful for a reason. I’ve put together some of my favorite slam poems, yet if you for some factor don’t have two hours of complimentary time choose me (what am I doing through my life?) I’ve offered you my favorite quotes.

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If you take into consideration yourself a feminist, or even if you don’t yet you are a womale, these will certainly hopefully resonate with you. Maybe something you have actually been trying to put words to is finally tied together into a string of perfection that you think need to be plastered for everyone to watch. Either method, below are my favorite quotes for girls who don’t give a fuck.

Heels – Imani Cezanne

“Listen, shrinking don’t come straightforward to us giants. You cant teach height, boo. I be significant for a reason, I be sized to be seen. I am a prize, my heels are a pedestal.”

9 Things I would certainly Like to Tell Every Teenage Girl – Melissa Newman-Evans

“Wear whatever you desire, look yet you want. You understand that deserve to fuck themselves if they don’t like it? EVERYONE.

“You should hold up your sisters – everyone is your sister”

Ode to my Bitch Face – Oliusing Gatwood

“‘Resting Bitch Face’ is a term coined by someone who was unhappy that womales aren’t smiling literally all the time.

“How can you sleep pretty when there are four locks on the door and the fire escape feels prefer break-in bait… Bitch challenge is safe zone. Bitch challenge is home. Bitch challenge is cutting off the ladder and also willing to burn in the apartment if it means he can’t obtain in.”

Bitches – Melissa Lozada-Olivia

“you-better-text-me-when-you-get-home-okay bitches, pray-before-the-plane-takes-off bitches, pray-before-the-baby-comes bitches, she-has-my-eyes-my-big-mouth-and-my-fight bitches, sing-to-the-scabs-on-her-knees-when-she-falls-dvery own bitches, give-abuelita-bendiciones bitches, it’s-okay-not-to-be-liked bitches, on-our-own-till-infinity bitches, the vengeful-violent-pissed-prissed-and-polished-lipstick-stain-on-an-envelope-I’ll-be-damned-if-I’m-compliant bitches, the … What did you speak to us? What did you say to us? What is that type of love called again? Bitches.”

Sheight Like a Girl – Megan Falley & Olivia Gatwood

“Today you are in manage of your own incredible body, now millions of girls loved themselves in the confront of the civilization that tells them not to. And isn’t that tiny revolution enough? And isn’t that the greatest radvancement of all?”

The Period Poem – Dominique Christina

“When your mommy lugged you, the sea in her belly is what made you buoyant, made you possible… The body whose machinery you now mock on social media, that body wrapped you in every little thing that was miraculous around it and also sung you lullabies laced in plateallows without which you wouldn’t have actually no Twitter account, motherfucker.”

What To Do When a Politician Tries to Fall right into Your Vagina Feet First – Theresa Davis

“You gained no company being dvery own tbelow, if I wanted you dvery own tbelow you would have been invited. Now you desire to attempt to tell me what to run what I’ve been running my totality life.

“I’m reasoning if your God really wanted you in MY pants, he would certainly have actually made you ME. If you wanna talk about healthtreatment or basic human rights… yet if all you wanna discuss is how you think I have to honor my body. You cannot DIC-tate who resides in my WOMB or who is evicted.

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“And exactly how dare you indicate I obtain over it, no issue just how many type of times you say it tbelow is no such thing as ‘legitimate rape’.

Girl Code 101 – Blythe Baird

“We are the girls taught to make it through by using our bodies as Swiss army knives. Calculated scrunched nose giggles… you’re so funny! Please don’t touch me. We are taught there is defense in being polite.

“13 when your dad claims wearing brief skirts to the city is prefer driving without a seatbelt.

“We are answering to guidance counselors asking ‘well… what were you wearing?’

“This is not female privilege this is SURVIVAL OF THE PRETTIEST. We are playing the initially game we learned just how to. We are the asses smacked by men that made welcome mats of our yoga pants. We are easily startled… Who wouldn’t be? We are the girls petrified of the service institution boys that learned to manifest success by discovering not to take ‘no’ for a response.

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“Give me a city wbelow my body is not public home.

“Give me one achievement of Mary’s that did not involve her vagina.”

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