2 things that begin with the same sound as baby

Letter A

Ant, Alligator, ApeTalk around the different animals. How do they move? What execute they eat? Make the different motions of each pet.

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AcornDiscuss through youngsters that acorns are the “fruits or nuts” from an oak tree. Squirrels collect acorns in the loss (autumn) to save for the winter. Squirrels hide the acorns so that they will certainly have actually food for the winter.

Hide genuine acorns or paper acorns roughly the room and let kids hunt for them. Let youngsters take turns hiding and finding the acorns. (View even more acorn tasks in our Twiggle Magazine and in our KidsSoup Reresource Library.)

Airplane/ AirportAsk kids if they have actually ever before been on an airplane. Pretend to be airplanes. (Find more airplane sources in our Travel area in our KidsSoup Resource Library.)

AlphabetSing the alphabet song and check out alphabet publications. 

ApplesGo apple picking. Talk about how apples prosper. Wash and also eat apples. Make apple stamps. (View our apple sources in our KidsSoup Reresource Library.)

ArmDiscuss via kids what we require our arms for (picking up points, getting to high, hugging, and so on.) Make different exercise activities via the arm.

AstronautFind Out around astronauts. (View our astronaut and also room sources in our KidsSoup Reresource Library.)



Letter Flashcards

Publish flashcards on hefty printing paper and laminate for additional strength.

Instructions:Look at the letter poster or letter flashcards together with youngsters. Point to a photo and askWhat is the name of this picture? Say the name of the photo, emphasizing its beginning sound. Ask children to listen closely to the start sound of the word as you say it, and then have actually them repeat the word.

Write the word on the board, on a sentence strip, or on the ago of the flashcard.What is the name of the initially letter of this word?Continue till all flashcards have been established. Encourage children to think of other words that begin via the letter. Write each word on the board.

Alphabet BookLet children pick the pictures to usage in their alpabet book.

Interactive Reading WallWrite the names of the pictures on the back of each flashcard or on sentence strips and also use at the interactive creating wall.

Matching GameMake a corresponding game. Publish two copies of the image cards and laminate for added toughness. Place cards confront dvery own on the table and also let children uncover the corresponding pairs. Let them name the item on the card after they have turned over the card.

Brief and Long A Sound Use image cards to let kids sort the pictures with the brief or long A sound. Discuss the two various sounds via kids and also look at a photo of each sound. Say the word for the photo together and emphasize the sound. Place the two photos on the table. Then have actually kids sort the pictures into 2 piles according to their short and long sounds.

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Letter Folder Game

Publish Letter Folder Video Game and prepare game (see letter folder game pdf).

The goal of the game is to identify and collect the pictures whose names start via the exact same letter. The child who completes his/her game board initially is the winner.

Instructions:Tell kids that you will certainly say some words that begin through the sounds of the letter A and some that carry out not. Ask children to display the ASL authorize for the letter A (or clap, stomp, and so on.) if they hear the sound at the beginning of the word.

Say the following words:apple, ant, dog, alligator and also apron, ape, frog, acorn.Make sure that you allow enough time between words for children to respond.

Extension:Publish out the Find Pictures Worksheet and encourage children to discover and reduced out the pictures whose name begins with the exact same letter and also paste them on the page. This would certainly be a great activity to send house along with a parent newsletter introducing the the letter of the week.

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Letter Book

Read the Letter A Book to kids.

Online Letter BookClick on the virtual letter book image. Have kids listen to the dialog. Point to the letter and say What"s the name of this letter?Let youngsters answer and then repeat the letter name together. Let children suggest out the lowerinstance and uppercase letter. Continue to next web page.

Have children listen to the dialog. Point to the image on the page and askWhat is the object on this page called?Let youngsters answer and also then click on the picture. Ask children to listen to the sound.Now, let"s say the word together.As you say the word with kids, emphadimension the start sound. Continue to the following page.

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Printable Letter BookPrint out all letter booklet peras and assemble booklet. Have kids look at the title page.What perform you think this book is about? Do you understand the name of this letter? Let youngsters answer and also repeat letter name together. Let children allude out the lowerinstance and also uppersituation letter. Continue to next page.

Read the text on the page and also allude to the photo. Can you tell me what this object is called?Let youngsters answer.What is the initially letter of its name?Let children suggest to the letter and also name the letter.Yes, "apple" (emphasize the start sound) starts with the letter A. Can you hear the sound of the letter A? /?/ as in apple.Make the sound in addition to children. Continue to the next web page.

To emphasize the start sounds of the letter A, sing the adhering to song for each photo on the page:

(Tune: Farmer in the Dell)

Apple (rearea with image name) starts through /?/Apple starts through /?//?/, /?/, can you hearApple begins through /?/.

Pass out copies of the book and enable youngsters to follow alengthy as the book is recheck out. Place a few copies of the book in the room for youngsters to look through and also check out on their own or in pairs.

Extension:Publish b/w variation of the booklet and let youngsters shade the peras. Assemble booklet and also let children share the booklet with their household members.

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Read the Letter Storybook "Ants, Ants, Everywhere!" via kids. Emphadimension the start sounds of the letter in the story. Ask kids to listen to the /A/ sound.

Online Letter StorybookLook at the letter storybook along with children. Have kids look at the title page.What to you think this story is about?Let youngsters answer.Yes, this story is about ants. Do you know which letter "ants" starts with?Let youngsters answer. Yes, "ants" starts through the letter A. Can you hear the sound of the letter A? /?/ as in ants.Make the sound together with kids. Continue to the next page.

Listening mode: Children can listen to the story. To pause on a page, click the "Pause" button.

Reading mode: Read or let youngsters read the text on each web page. To listen to the message, click the "Speaker Icon." To listen to the words, click each word. The "Quiz" button permits children to find and also select the targain letter in the message. 

Printable Letter StorybookPrint out all letter booklet pages and assemble booklet. Look at the title page with children.What do you think this story is about?Let youngsters answer.Yes, this story is about ants. Can you tell me which letter "ants" begins with?Let youngsters answer.Yes, "ants" starts with the letter A. Can you hear the sound of the letter A? /?/ as in ants.Make the sound together with children. Continue to the following web page. Read the story and emphasize the target letter sound(s) in the story. Let children find and select the letter Aa in the message.

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Pass out duplicates of the book and also enable kids to follow along as the book is rereview. Place a couple of duplicates of the book in the room for youngsters to look with and review on their own or in pairs.